What Narcissist Thinks to Do When They Can’t Beat You?


Those who exude self-assurance are less susceptible to falling prey to the manipulations of narcissists. Their mode of thinking and behavior signifies a level of maturity that causes narcissists to pause before attempting to influence them. The arrogance of narcissists prevents them from accepting others as they are. Individuals with high self-esteem, confidence, and unwavering belief in their abilities face the eye of narcissists.

However, make no mistake, narcissists still harbor ill intentions towards these resilient individuals and will stop at nothing to tear them down. Simply put, they strive to extract what they desire from every individual, regardless of the challenges they may pose. Anyone who obstructs their path or threatens their dominion becomes a target for elimination.

To enhance their egos, narcissists seek to diminish the significance of others. They will persist in attempting to infiltrate our lives, eagerly waiting for the moment we lower our guard. Even if we match their efforts, all it takes is one opportune moment for them to strike. Regardless of our intelligence and unwavering resolve, they will find a way to overcome us.

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