10 Phrases That Scream “This Is A Narcissist”


Number 1: ‘It’s all about me.’

Narcissists have a compulsive need to make everything revolve around them. They constantly steer conversations back to themselves, interrupt others, and show little interest in anyone else’s experiences or opinions. The first phrase you should know that screams you are dealing with a narcissist is ‘It’s all about me.’

It might be confusing to deduce if someone you know is a narcissist with just this phrase. Still, it will be apparent once you have experienced being with them firsthand. Whether it’s just arrogance or narcissism, you’re feeling and vibe in being with them will cement your perception of them.

Number 2: ‘I’m the best at everything.’

They commonly use this phrase to hide their insecurities and inadequacy from people. As they have an insatiable desire to be superior to others, they often exaggerate their achievements, constantly seek validation, and put others down to boost their self-esteem. There is nothing they can’t do just to make everyone believe they are the best at their field or even at any field.

Hence, having a conversation, much less a relationship with them is very dangerous. But remember, if you are currently dealing with them, they could use a reality check from you, so be brave and knock their ego a notch down.

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