How Covert Narcissists Use HUMOUR?


We know that the covert narcissist judges everyone. Believe they are better, and everyone else is below them. So, it should be expected that they do look down on everyone around them. They judge others but do not want to be judged themselves. It’s the same with almost everything else.

The narcissist wants to be the one to dish out but can’t handle it when the tables are turned. We know narcissists can have many different talents or skills, but they use them to aid in their evil desires instead of for the greater good. And today, I want to look at how the covert narcissist uses humor. And when I say humor, I mean having the quality to be amusing or comical.

How do they use this attribute? As usual, covert narcissists think they are clever and deceptive, so they can use humor to accomplish three main things. But before I get into those three things, I know that not all covert narcissists may use all three, as some are more introverted than others. But they will be guilty of at least one Covert narcissist who can have award-winning smiles and infectious laughter, but their eyes tell a much darker story.

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