Walk Away From These Types of People Before It Is Too Late


But first I want to talk about 2 Things that are not on my list, and they are a lack of empathy and lying. Empathy is something that can be faked to an extent. People can pretend to care. They can pretend to feel sorry or be remorseful but in reality, they are none of these things.

Narcissists are known to fake empathy, and you don’t usually realize how little they care about anyone but themselves until you are too deep in it. Also, finding out that someone is a pathological liar takes some time unless you are going to investigate everything they say.

Pathological liars lie about anything and everything. And they do it so freely and confidently; from something as small as what they had for breakfast to saying things like their brother or mother died when they are fully alive. Sometimes it takes time to unravel their lies as they work hard to cover up their tracks.

A lack of empathy and lying are two things that Narcissists and other toxic people try to hide. So, the things I am going to get into are things that are done openly by Narcissists and other toxic people, but they seem to think they can just get away with it and that these behaviors will not alert us to the darkness that they are filled with. Today’s topic is to make you aware that if you know anyone who does these things it is best to walk away or distance yourself from these types of people before it is too late.

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