10 Common Words You Must Know to Describe Narcissist Interactions


In this topic, we are going to be uncovering the top 10 common words and phrases that are used to describe these interactions. If you are involved with a narcissist gathering information is going to be your greatest tool for understanding and realizing the patterns inherent in this disorder.

Number 1. Narcissistic supply is the attention, affection, and admiration that a narcissist needs to fuel their ego.

A narcissist constantly needs this supply to function because getting this narcissistic supply is what keeps them from having to deal with their true self and feeling unloved or flawed. In a romantic relationship with the narcissist, their partner is referred to as the supply. Because this is typically the person who continuously provides attention, affection, and admiration.

But this attention doesn’t necessarily need to come from a romantic relationship; it can come from anyone or anything that constantly provides a narcissist with attention. It could be a friend, a co-worker, a neighbor, a business partner, and their children, their parents, being in a position of power, and on and on.

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