10 Reasons Why Narcissists Discard You for Good


Narcissists see people as objects they use to meet their needs. When you no longer add value and serve a purpose to them, a narcissist starts to let go of the grip and slowly discards you. You may think your relationship with a narcissist seems good, and then the next day, you are thrown to the side as if you never mattered to them. You might think you’re responsible for it, but it’s always about the narcissist. So, what makes a narcissist discard you for good? And why do they do that?

Read until the end and learn 10 reasons why narcissists discard you for good.

Number 1: You were difficult for them to control.

They are all about control, they think they own you and they have a fear of losing it. Once they sense that you are too difficult to control, they feel threatened; they become frustrated about it and sometimes react with anger.

When narcissists can no longer control you, they’ll try to control how others see you. Before putting you away like a toy, they’ll poison the minds of others with anyone they influence, including your close family and friends. All the false information will feel unfair, no matter what stays above it.

Trust that the people will eventually see the truth, just like you did when you discovered the true identity of a narcissist. Once you identify their controlling tactics, you can steer or get out of their grasp and when it’s too difficult for them, they’ll discard you for good before you can discard them.

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