4 Things That Can Make You Useful To The Narcissist


In today’s topic, we will discover what makes someone useful to the Narcissist. Because Narcissists need people but some, keep closer than others. And different people fulfill different wants and needs for the Narcissist. So, today we want to provide a few reasons why a Narcissist would want to keep someone close.

So, today’s article is for every other type of Narcissistic Relationship. So, whether it is a Narcissist in the family, a friend who is the Narcissist, or a work colleague, let’s find out what these types of people can offer the Narcissist. But it is important to remember though that even if the Narcissist keeps someone close it is not because they care about them.

It just means that a person is useful. It also does not mean that the Narcissist is going to treat this person well. Because if they can get away with treating this person like crap but still reap the benefits, they will. It also does not mean that the Narcissist respects this person, but they would be happy to pretend as if they do if it means that they can get what they want.

And when it comes to who a Narcissist would keep close to, Narcissistic Supply is and will always be necessary, but it comes in different forms. So, we will be getting into some specifics of that, and other ways Narcissists find people useful.

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Reason 1: Boosts the Narcissist’s ego.

So that person would validate them, admire them or give them loads of attention. We have to remember that Narcissists rely on others to boost their self-esteem and make them feel better about themselves. That is why someone who looks up to them or thinks the world of them is crucial.

Also, Narcissists already have that sense of superiority, and having others around them who can further validate them and feed into their delusions is always nice to have around, especially when they are low on resources.

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Reason 2: Carries out acts of service

Why the Narcissist would keep someone close for practical reasons; You Got to do the Work meaning that person either provides for them financially, runs errands on their behalf, or takes care of them in some way.

Narcissists love to be pampered and they also like to boss people around. So, if they have someone in their life that is happy to take care of them and do things for them, that person will be very useful to the Narcissist.

Reason 3: Be Their Bodyguard.

This protection is inclusive of so many things, for example; it can be for their false image. They want people around them who can complement their false image. Therefore, they love to be surrounded by people who are influential or powerful.

Being associated with these types of people also offers the Narcissist some sort of security whether it is physical protection or even emotional protection; meaning they are less likely to be rejected or criticized because of who they associate themselves with.

The Narcissist knows that rubbing shoulders with the right people is not only good for their image but can affect how others treat them. A good barrel of Laughs

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Reason 4: Entertainment purposes.

So, if the Narcissist finds someone funny or someone who likes to gossip these is both amusing things for the Narcissist. It may also be that it is someone the Narcissist likes to make fun of.

Therefore, they would have them around just to make fun of them when they feel like it. They are cruel and insensitive. And they do not value people but rather view them as tools to meet their wicked desires.

But to conclude:

These are some of the reasons why a Narcissist would be close to someone. A consistent theme is that there is some level of control. The Narcissist has either managed to deceive someone into thinking they are something they are not or manipulated them into doing their bidding.

At the end of the day, Narcissists seriously believe that others exist to serve them and entertain them. How useful you are to the Narcissist is all that matters. They do not care about you or your well-being they just want to take what they can from you until there is nothing left to take.

Narcissists use people to further their own goals or maintain some form of power over them. Narcissistic Relationships are always emotionally draining, always unbalanced, and harmful on so many levels. So, do not allow yourself to be used by someone who does not appreciate you.

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