8 Signs Of A Malignant Narcissist


A malignant narcissist is known to be the quintessence of evil. Malignant narcissists somehow fit that description. The term describes a person with a narcissistic personality disorder and an anti-social personality disorder. If you want to avoid interacting with them, worry not, for I am here to give you warning signs of a malignant narcissist.

What do you think will happen when someone possesses two personality extremes all at once? Read until the end, as I reveal to you 8 signs of a malignant narcissist.

Number 1: They Use, Abuse, & Discard People

A malignant narcissist has a long history of using, abusing, and discarding people who no longer serve a purpose to them. People close to them will frequently notice a pattern of broken relationships and friendships. Family members and significant others can also get included in these discarded people by a malignant narcissist.

Malignant narcissists don’t have any limitations or exceptions in abusing people. They seek people they think they can gain from and will do it by whatever means. Malignant narcissists may think people are just toys they can have fun with and discard when they get bored of them. Their thought process goes from black to white; no gray areas exist.

There is no room for consideration. Their logic works with ease for malignant narcissists, but it’s hard for the one on the receiving end. Their minds are full of cruel and vicious thoughts. After all, to be called the quintessence of evil, they should be able to play the part well.

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