8 Stages of the Super Empath Supernova to Eradicate Narcissists!


Super empaths are known as the strongest empaths, and one reason is because of their amazing superpower against narcissists: The Empath Supernova. The term is inspired by supernovas in outer space, which occur when a massive star is about to die, giving its last, final “hurrah” – a giant explosion. The nuclear energy within the star burns fiery hot, even when it appears to be shrunken and void of life – just like a super empath after undergoing narcissistic abuse. They appear broken, but that just means they’re about to explode.

Stage 1: They begin to notice the patterns of abuse.

Once a super empath has endured enough gaslighting or other manipulations from a narcissist or another abusive type, they will notice a pattern of abuse. Super empaths are skilled at detecting this quickly, due to their high self-esteem not letting them tolerate it longer than they can handle. This is the first step in a super empath turning supernova.

They begin to connect the dots and recognize the pattern, noting all the times that they let the narcissist’s hurtful behavior slide because the super empath fell for their guilt trips or fake apologies. They become hypervigilant and skeptical of the narcissist’s words, looking for any hints of deceit or devaluation behind them. The more abuse they endure, the more their stellar energy burns brighter inside of them, preparing to explode.

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