8 Types of People That Will Drive Narcissists Crazy


There are quite a few things that Narcissists hate, but nothing upsets them more or destabilizes them than someone in their circle who they cannot manipulate. This person would also have other qualities that the Narcissist just cannot tolerate. This person is a bane to their existence and they have the ability to drive a Narcissist crazy.

Because when narcissists cannot have their way or who they want, it means they have lost and Narcissists hate losing. When a Narcissist loses at anything, be it an actual board game, a job, or a relationship, it is a cruel reminder that they are not in control of everything or everyone. The type of person that can drive a Narcissist crazy will have a combination of everything the Narcissist hates in a personality type and more.

Narcissists are people who drive others up the wall with their self-centered, manipulative behavior. If you’re unfortunate enough to be with a narcissist, you may feel crazy at some point. Narcissists might think that they always have the upper hand in every situation, but what you might not realize is that there are actually certain types of people that make narcissists even crazier.

Read until the end as we give you 8 types of people that will drive narcissists crazy.

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