9 Ways to Deal With a Narcissistic Wife


Every marriage has its ups and downs, but when your partner doesn’t hide the fact that they’re never going to care much about your needs and wants, the “ups” might be few and far between. But if you learn how to deal with a narcissistic wife, perhaps you might just turn it into a workable union as much as possible, at least.

When you’re married to a narcissist, their lack of empathy might baffle you. You’ll have the same fights over and over again, and the only thing you’ll ask for is a little consideration. But when the next fight rolls around because you didn’t pay “enough attention” to them, the cycle will start again. 

Dealing with a narcissistic wife is not easy. But there are techniques that can make it less frustrating. In this article, we will go over 9 tips for dealing with a narcissistic wife. Make sure to read until number 1, because it’s something you’ve probably never thought of before!

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