How Karma Catches Up With The Narcissist?


Today, we’re diving into a topic that’s sure to grab your attention: how Karma catches up with a narcissist. Karma can catch up even with the most cunning narcissists. In this topic, you will explore the cause and effect of narcissistic behavior.

Number 1: Loss of Genuine Relationships.

Narcissists view people as objects or tools to meet their needs and desires. They are often highly self-centered and lack genuine empathy for others. They tend to manipulate and exploit individuals for their hedonistic games. Narcissists’ relationships tend to be shallow and superficial because they prioritize their own needs and disregard those of others.

They are only interested in exploiting others, not forming meaningful connections based on mutual care and understanding. Over time, the lack of genuine empathy and emotional connection in their relationships can lead to negative consequences for the narcissist.

Their manipulative and exploitative behavior can damage trust and erode the bonds with others. People who have been used and mistreated by a narcissist may eventually become aware of the dynamics at play and distance themselves from the narcissist.

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