How To Keep a Narcissist From Leaving You?


If you are asking yourself the question of how to keep a narcissist from leaving me, you are operating with emotional thinking. This is thinking that isn’t hysterical, but it is thinking in the absence of logic.

Logic tells you that since you’re dealing with a narcissist, this individual’s behavior towards you will never alter permanently. They will continue to abuse you in some form, and they do not love you, they do not care for you, and they are not interested in you for you.

We are only interested in asserting control over you, gathering fuel from you, character traits, and residual benefits, although the majority of narcissists, being unaware, don’t realize that’s why they’re doing it. They think that they love you; they think that they care for you; also, they think that they’re interested in you for you. But they are not. They cannot be because they are narcissists.

It might be that you want to stop the narcissist from leaving you because you want to keep them in situ, perhaps to exact some form of revenge upon them. And while at first blush that might appear to be a legitimate reason, it is not. You are being led by your emotional thinking, and you should not be doing anything that will prevent a narcissist from leaving you.

It might be that you believe that the relationship can be somehow salvageable, that you’ve been misled by the rubbish that is poured out by poor YouTube channels about the fact that somehow you can have a meaningful relationship with a narcissist. You cannot. Where it is an intimate relationship with the narcissist, the outcome is only ever going to be detrimental to you. Therefore, it is not logical to try and keep that relationship alive. It is not logical to try and keep the narcissist from leaving you.

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