How To Keep a Narcissist From Leaving You?


To keep a narcissist from leaving you, you need to chain them to the radiator in the basement of your property. Aside from that, you should ask yourself the question: Why on earth do I want to keep a narcissist from leaving me?

When you realize that you are dealing with a narcissist, you must obey the first golden rule of freedom, which is: Once you know, you go. You get out and you stay out. The principle of “go.”

So, when you realize that you’re dealing with a narcissist, your priority should be affecting your immediate escape or planning for an intermediate escape, and thereafter, maintaining a no-contact regime so that you cannot be hoovered and you resist being drawn in and you resist the provision of fuel, character traits, and residual benefits, even if the narcissist is not hoovering to try and draw you back into the formal relationship with him or her.

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