10 Signs You Are Talking to a Covert Narcissist


In today’s topic, I will be giving you 10 signs that you’re most likely talking to a covert narcissist. Narcissism exists on a spectrum from mild to severe, and most narcissists, especially covert narcissists, have learned to conceal their symptoms in the early stages of a relationship.

However, fairly quickly, you will start to notice unusual things about the way they think, the way they behave, and the way they talk. Also, keep in mind that not all narcissists will show all of these signs all of the time.

Number 1: Boasting

Where grandiose narcissists typically boast openly about their achievements, a covert narcissist tends to brag more subtly. But they still want you to know every great thing they’ve ever accomplished, every important person they’ve ever associated with, how much money they make, how high their IQ is, and every cool thing they’ve ever done. They do this indirectly by dropping hints or making veiled references to their accomplishments and associations.

Regardless of the type of narcissist, their underlying motivation is the same: to seek validation and admiration. Now, if someone occasionally shares their successes, it doesn’t mean they’re a narcissist. But if they’re constantly going on about how special and important they are and looking for your validation, whether it’s in direct or indirect ways, then it is a warning sign.

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