5 Ways Your Silence Destroys a Narcissist


If I ask you, what is a narcissist’s biggest fear? What are they terrified of? You may answer, “Well, it’s exposure. If they get exposed, they may lose it all, so they’re afraid of it.” But what if I tell you that is not it? Their biggest fear is silence. They’re terrified of it, which is why they keep themselves distracted all the time.

When there is silence, there is space, everything calms down, and there’s nothing to stay hooked onto. When that happens to a narcissist, they are forced to face the shame they have been suppressing for years, they have been running away from.

They’re forced to sit with themselves and that burns them inside out. Silence is a narcissist’s Kryptonite, silence is noise to them. Let’s explore this further in today’s article.

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