What are the Demonic Spirits Behind Narcissism?


In addition to being a major psychological issue, narcissism, in my opinion, is a big spiritual problem as well. The narcissist stays disconnected from their authentic self for decades, creating a void for evil a space that is taken over by dark energy, which then influences their behavior and their overall personality. When I say ‘dark energy,’ I am specifically referring to evil spirits and demonic entities. Some of you may not believe in any of that, which is also fine. You may like to understand this concept that I’m about to share with you in the context of multiple personality disorder or inner splitting. The narcissist has these different inner evil splits that inform their decision-making process and control the various facets or aspects of their evil narcissistic personality.

Today, we are going to talk about a rather fascinating topic: the five demonic spirits behind narcissism. I know that is quite controversial to talk about because many people would not like, or do not like, to understand narcissism in that context. Nevertheless, we are going to dive in deep and understand narcissism from a different perspective and try to see what other possibilities could arise from looking at it through the lens of spirituality.

Let’s begin, If you want to do a little bit of research on narcissism and its relationship with demons, even evil and the Devil Himself, the first thing that might come up would be Jezebel’s spirit. This is the spirit that is the highest ranking and the most clever demon in the devil’s army. This kind of spirit is associated with manipulation, leading people astray, control, being egoistic, being a rebel, and quite surprisingly, you see a parallel of all of that in the narcissist’s personality, which makes sense. That’s why many people believe that the narcissist is possessed by this kind of a spirit, which is not to say that it’s the spirit that is leading the narcissist to do what they do; it’s just that they make it worse.

You have the liberty to think of this in the way you would like to. If you don’t believe in demons and that kind of stuff, you can think of it as a narcissistic part a part that drives them, a part they have always held space for, their shadow that has become their reality. But if you’re someone who truly believes in Jezebel and other demons alike, then I would like you to know that the narcissist is ruled by this kind of demon.

You also need to understand that narcissist has their agency, which is what they have given up on. They have completely closed themselves off after God, to the universe, and given that place to this spirit. It is this Jezebel that manifests itself in five different forms and controls five different facets of the narcissist’s personality.

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