Introverted Intuition Explained With Examples


All of us can tap into our intuition when we want to, but for some, this happens very easily and naturally. According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, only two personality types have introverted intuition as their dominant cognitive function. These are the INFJ, also known as the Advocate, and the INTJ, known as the Architect. What does it mean to be an introverted intuitive? Here are 12 signs. Keep reading until number 1, you might just recognize yourself!

Number 12: You have inspirations.

You get a feeling about things, a sense of knowing, an intuitive understanding, and a vision of what can be achieved that you cannot explain. Even if you could explain it, you would probably not want to, because you’re convinced that most people wouldn’t understand anyway. When you think of the future, and of the possibilities available to you, things are very easy to work out.

You just know which direction you should take. You can ignore this inner knowing if you want to, but a part of you will be aware that this would be the right path to follow. It’s just a certainty about something that has no logical explanation but for you is as real as the sun in the sky.

Number 11: You enjoy abstract thought.

You live in your head. Mental challenges and complex problem-solving don’t scare you. The more difficult they are, the more fun you have. You want to figure things out and find your own solutions. When you get the chance to do some research and delve into a subject, it’s your lucky day.

That journey of discovery is an adventure. Philosophical thoughts and ideas that other people might find tiring or overwhelming actually energize you. Theory, abstract thought, and complex ideas are all fun and games to you.

Number 10: You’re an individualist.

Tried-and-true ways of doing things are boring to you – you want to forge new ways. You’re a bit of a skeptic and don’t have a lot of faith in authority figures or institutions, those who make the rules. You would prefer to not be a part of the herd. Having to follow the decision-makers without questioning just doesn’t work for you.

Your freedom should not be constrained in any way, whether that be your freedom of thought, decision, or action. You like new things – repetition is boring. You’re an explorer by heart, independent and curious about what lies around the next corner. And whatever happens will be okay with you. You’d rather be caught by surprise than stuck in a regular, never-ending routine with no variety.

Number 9: You delve deep.

You are not fooled by the front that anyone might be putting up. You don’t take anything at face value. You know that there’s always more to things, and you are determined to find out what that might be. You see right through fake nice people and their stories.

You are interested in the meaning and motivation behind it all. As you might do with onion, you will happily keep peeling the outer layers off until you get to what really matters. Why is someone behaving in a certain way? You’ll be the first to figure it out!

Number 8: You have an active imagination.

You often disappear into a fantasy world. You love exploring myths and fantasies and finding valuable insights into them. You need a lot of quiet time, away from the demands of an overly busy world, in a place where you can be undisturbed so that new ideas and insights can find you. You have an active imagination and a curious mind, and you’re open to new ideas.

When you come across new information, you need time to work through it. Your mind needs to be able to sift through the facts unhindered. You need a quiet space where no one will bother you. The less external goings-on, the better the chances of your deep insights presenting themselves to you. You need time to daydream.

Number 7: The unseen makes sense to you.

Images in your unconscious mind or in your dreams are perfectly relevant and real to you, just as if they were physically present. Your imagination is vivid. The images that you imagine or visualize provide clues to guide you when you make decisions. Most people don’t understand this, and that’s why you don’t often discuss it with others. You might just have one or two trusted friends who are open to your way of thinking and the ideas that you come up with. Most people would think them weird, and therefore you keep them to yourself.

Number 6: You love symbolism and hidden meanings.

You can get lost in symbolism, metaphors, and all kinds of non-physical concepts. The physical world doesn’t interest you half as much as the metaphysical. You’re not part of the here and now, you’re often floating somewhere in the future or the past. When most people look at a plant, they will just see it in its present position, where it’s standing in its surroundings. For you, it’s a much bigger picture. You’re also aware of its symbolism and its role within the natural world, now and in years to come. You see it as part of the environment, with a role to play.

Number 5: You love planning.

Working on strategies to reach specific goals is something you love to do. The future is a place where you feel very much at home. You’re often thinking about the future, how to improve things, how to reach a specific milestone, or what you want to achieve in your life. You’re really good at strategizing because, in order for a plan to work properly, you need a strategy.

Number 4: You are often able to avoid mistakes.

Of course, nobody’s perfect, we all make mistakes. But when introverted intuitive listen to their intuition, they can avoid making mistakes. You are always aware of what is happening around you. If something doesn’t feel right, you’ll know. You might not even be aware of it, but deep inside, you’ll be aware of any red lights warning you. It’s up to you to make the decision – are you going to listen to your intuition or ignore it?

Number 3: You’re not ego-driven.

Society places a high value on the material world, but your priorities are different. You are less influenced by your ego because you don’t feel the need to fit in or compete with others. Being true to your values is much more important to you.

Number 2: Words can’t explain your insights.

Many of the insights and ideas that you have arrived at an intuitive level. Some of these are hard to verbalize. Trying to find the right words to explain them to yourself is enough of a challenge, let alone helping others understand them. Maybe the metaphors are too complicated, or you simply don’t know the words that would capture their meaning.

Number 1: Your favorite question is “why?”

You want to understand everything, you’re always looking for meaning. You want to get to the bottom of whatever the subject matter at hand is. Motivations and reasons and causes are all interesting to you. In a conversation, you might ask so many questions that people who don’t know you well might get uncomfortable. But there’s no hidden agenda behind it. You’re just fascinated by mysteries, and conversations that get really technical or abstract don’t scare you.

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