This Happens When The Narcissist Knows You Know


Knowing how to deal with narcissists is crucial to avoid getting trapped and manipulated by these creatures. But what is also important to know is how the narcissist responds when they’ve realized that you have figured them out. The interesting thing is that some narcissists are in denial as to what they are, and some still just don’t know what they are. But it still doesn’t matter; narcissists know when they are trying to screw you over.

They know that they are fake; they know that they are liars, sneaky, two-faced, selfish, and proud. So, even if they don’t know or accept the title of a narcissist, they still are a narcissist and when they realize that you are on to them with regards to how they operate and treat people; they will respond in one of three ways. All narcissists will adopt one of the following three methods that we are going into, in order to deal with those people who have sussed them out and are no longer fooled by their fake image, fake smiles, and Charisma.

The choice of method depends on who you are to the narcissists. If you are someone they still need in their life, if you are more powerful or influential than they are, or if you are someone they can do without. When the narcissist realizes you are not buying what they are selling they need to find new ways to manage you or control how you affect their life. But let’s get into the three different approaches, that a narcissist will take once they realize that you are onto them.

The first one is: Narcissists may choose to play nice.

The Narcissist will love to bomb you and show you their best space at all times. They will be trying to make a point to convince you that you may have read them the wrong way, that they are not as bad as you think, or they have changed. They will study you and mimic you so that they only do and say the things you like, they will flatter you and even defend you hoping they can win your trust. The narcissist is desperate to have you back on their side and that you only see them as they want you to.

The second thing is: Narcissists will avoid you.

The narcissists may take when they realize you are into them avoid you. If you are a person of influence or more power than the narcissist, they know you will not have time for their games, so they will prefer to stay clear of you hoping that you forget all about them, instead of using your influence and power to expose them. Expect them in certain situations to disappear without a trace, it won’t be forever just long enough until they think you’ve forgotten or they can convince you that they have changed.

The final thing is: The narcissist begins a smear campaign.

They may choose this option as they would see it as an opportunity to project all their negative traits onto that person. The narcissist sees you as a threat to existence, so they need to terminate you by playing the victim and painting you as the perpetrator.

Everyone must see you as the bad guy who should be shunned and pushed aside so the narcissist will go to all lengths to discredit you. But no matter which method is employed, they hope that you do not expose them. So they would play nice to soften you up, or they would avoid you hoping out of sight out of mind, or they will smear you to destroy you and discredit you first before you do it to them.

All methods are to protect the narcissists and their number one interest which is their false Image and reputation. Narcissists don’t want anyone reigning in their parade. If you know too much, you make the narcissist uncomfortable. They need to either get you back under control, avoid you or eliminate you. Narcissists are not smarter or better, they are not difficult to outthink or defeat.

Knowing what you are dealing with is half the battle sorted and the narcissist knows this, that is why they would prefer if you remained ignorant of their devices and their true intents, and that is why when they realize you are not playing along you become an instant threat.

When they know that you have figured them out and you are not playing their game anymore, or will not allow yourself to be manipulated by them. To the narcissist, it screams a lack of control and they hate what they cannot control. They need you to keep seeing them through rose-tinted glasses, and not for the evil sick twisted bastards that they really are.

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