What Makes narcissists Crazy Thinking about?

One of the most dangerous types of individuals to deal with is the narcissist, a manipulative person who only sees others as tools to further his own goals; they consider us to be nothing but stepping stones. In the narcissist size, other people are merely instruments for achieving their goals and ambitions. It’s impossible to have respect for someone who doesn’t recognize you as a whole person with feelings and goals.

Having someone around whom they have no control is one of the most distressing and disruptive things for narcissists. In addition, the narcissist would be unable to accept any of this person’s other characteristics making them a formidable opponent, this individual is the scourge of their existence capable of driving narcissists to the brink of insanity.

It means that they may lose, which narcissists don’t want to even think about. Losing in the game, or even a personal relationship is a cruel reminder to a narcissist that they’re not in control of everything or everyone. Just thinking that it might happen it’s enough to make them lose their mind, and that’s why they do anything to get rid of these people. The type of individual, who is capable of driving a narcissist to the corner, always has a combination of everything a narcissist despises in others.

So, today I will discuss some characteristics people have that angered narcissists the most. If you exhibit at least two of these characteristics, the narcissist will quickly lose interest in you if you can retain your composure.

Number 1: People who hold dear to their boundaries.

First, a person who knows and respects their boundaries is capable of driving any narcissist to the corner; in other words, narcissists can never underestimate these people. These people do not incline to adhere to the dictates of others, any attempts by narcissists to impose their will on these individuals will be met with resounding rejection.

If you’re unyielding in your convictions and unwilling to make concessions, narcissists likely dislike you the most. They will become enraged if their entitlement to other people’s lives or time is challenged, this will make them insane, especially if you keep standing in their way.

Number 2: Courageous and fearless people.

The second qualification is for individuals who have no fear of narcissism in any way. When necessary these people only experience minimal difficulty confronting, or correcting the narcissist. To put a stop to it, they would also call the narcissist out on their dishonesty and lies.

They won’t even think twice about reprimanding the narcissist, so of course, they would have problems getting along with these people, since they’re unable to relax when in the presence of such a person.

Number 3: An individual who is unimpressed by the narcissist’s antics.

The third criterion is someone unimpressed by the narcissist- showing that they have not bought into the narcissist’s constructed self-image. They’re not easy to acknowledge or commend the narcissist’s achievements; they require evidence that the person they’re getting to know is who they claim to be before becoming close.

They’re not eager to meet new people or broaden their social circle, therefore, trusting another person demands much more than a kind smile and flawless appearance. Narcissists who only know to talk, but have no proof of what they achieve obviously, they can’t get along with each other.

Number 4: A person who makes narcissists feel insignificant.

Given the other things I’ve mentioned, it’s evident that this person doesn’t trust the narcissist, and would want to exclude them whenever possible. As a result, they will not be invited to their houses nor will they accept invitations from narcissists. This individual has no desire to spend more time with the narcissist than is necessary.

As a result, they’re more prone to ignore grey rock the narcissist when he or she displays abnormal behavior. Therefore, the narcissist wouldn’t even have the chance to plan their devil seeds on these people. The narcissist may still have something to back up their plan, but they’d have to think over and over again before they’re ready to take on the challenge.

Number 5: More successful individual than a narcissist.

Knowing someone who is more successful, or has something the narcissist lacks is dreadful for the narcissist. In one instance, one person is married while the narcissist is not, or it may be that the narcissist doesn’t own a car or a house. In contrast, the other individual does, while the narcissist may be unable to travel anywhere the other individual can do so.

These trivial things are enough to drive narcissists out of their minds, even in the simplest of ways, a narcissist doesn’t want others to be able to have or do something they can’t. They are envious individuals who despise seeing others succeed more than they do.

Number 6: A person with independence.

A person with a free spirit is someone who enjoys life and pursues their passions regardless of what others think; they don’t care what others think of them, or how they appear to others.

Narcissists dislike people who are happy alone, whereas free-spirited people are typically easy-going and cheerful most of the time. In the eyes of narcissists, true happiness and joy expressed by others are incredibly irritating.

The narcissist will never have what these other people have, and the thought of it drives them insane because it makes them feel less significant than others; narcissists resent those who speak more than they do.

Furthermore, those who are not afraid to admit when they’re wrong are far more valuable; narcissists delight in praising their qualities and bragging about their accomplishments. Complaining, gossiping, and telling entertaining tales are just a few of their well-known behaviors.

The majority of the things said by narcissists are pure fabrications, a narcissist’s greatest dread is the person who speaks a lot and tells the truth because such a person can command attention and attract others due to their vibrant personality.

And everything ultimately boils down to one word authentic; it’s the thread that unites the characteristics I’ve just outlined. The term “genuine character” refers to a person who is truthful in every aspect of life. If you’re working with them, you’ll receive precisely what you anticipate.

On the other hand, they are funny and insincere, and they believe that everyone else is the same. According to the narcissist, honest individuals have no place in the world; everyone must be doing exactly as they do. The narcissists will grow enraged, frustrated, and uncomfortable in the presence of such individuals causing them to retreat into their shells.

This individual also has the advantage of a greater awareness of how narcissists operate, they are aware that they can’t deceive this person. If not extremely difficult, and worse that this person has a good chance of discovering their true identity to avoid being a target, narcissists typically devise an escape strategy or do all in their ability to avoid persons that fit this criterion.

These individuals have the truth on their side, which narcissists despise so much. In addition to being truthful with themselves, these people are also truthful with everyone they interact with. They would be avoided by narcissists because they have no fear of hearing or speaking the truth. Narcissists fear these individuals because they represent everything the narcissist lacks.

These qualities and behaviors are a beacon of the truth that can put an end to narcissists’ destructive activities. They can only attempt to sow seeds of doubt and suspicion in the hopes that some will germinate. Or that they will discover someone who shares their thoughts about the individual they’re attempting to manipulate. If they wish to eliminate this individual, they need to master their brain to come up with something.

When narcissists can’t influence or control a person, they become hostile to them, specifically; narcissists’ worst nightmares consist of individuals who exhibit a number of the characteristics I’ve described here today. Because of their unwavering sincerity, clear boundaries, and lack of admiration for the narcissist, they exhibit no fear in the face of the narcissist.

They’re being truthful, they have an excellent mindset, and they possess a healthy feeling of respect for life and themselves. Although this may not be the most important element they can recognize and avoid harmful individuals, this is beyond the control of the narcissist.

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