What Makes Narcissists Crazy Thinking about?


One of the most dangerous types of individuals to deal with is the narcissist, a manipulative person who only sees others as tools to further his own goals; they consider us to be nothing but stepping stones. In the narcissist size, other people are merely instruments for achieving their goals and ambitions. It’s impossible to have respect for someone who doesn’t recognize you as a whole person with feelings and goals.

Having someone around whom they have no control is one of the most distressing and disruptive things for narcissists. In addition, the narcissist would be unable to accept any of this person’s other characteristics making them a formidable opponent, this individual is the scourge of their existence capable of driving narcissists to the brink of insanity.

It means that they may lose, which narcissists don’t want to even think about. Losing in the game, or even a personal relationship is a cruel reminder to a narcissist that they’re not in control of everything or everyone. Just thinking that it might happen it’s enough to make them lose their mind, and that’s why they do anything to get rid of these people. The type of individual, who is capable of driving a narcissist to the corner, always has a combination of everything a narcissist despises in others.

So, today I will discuss some characteristics people have that angered narcissists the most. If you exhibit at least two of these characteristics, the narcissist will quickly lose interest in you if you can retain your composure.

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