What Makes Narcissists Crazy Thinking about?


Number 1: People who hold dear to their boundaries.

First, a person who knows and respects their boundaries is capable of driving any narcissist to the corner; in other words, narcissists can never underestimate these people. These people do not incline to adhere to the dictates of others, any attempts by narcissists to impose their will on these individuals will be met with resounding rejection.

If you’re unyielding in your convictions and unwilling to make concessions, narcissists likely dislike you the most. They will become enraged if their entitlement to other people’s lives or time is challenged, this will make them insane, especially if you keep standing in their way.

Number 2: Courageous and fearless people.

The second qualification is for individuals who have no fear of narcissism in any way. When necessary these people only experience minimal difficulty confronting, or correcting the narcissist. To put a stop to it, they would also call the narcissist out on their dishonesty and lies.

They won’t even think twice about reprimanding the narcissist, so of course, they would have problems getting along with these people, since they’re unable to relax when in the presence of such a person.

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