What The Narcissist Will Still Do After You Die


Narcissists are unable to feel fulfilled or content. And it is not just with material possessions or status it also includes, relationships and the amount of pain they can inflict. Therefore, even if a Narcissist has managed to ruin you professionally, mentally, socially, etc. They will still not be satisfied.

They will always want more. Even when you cease to exist on this earth, they still will not let you be. Why is it so hard for the Narcissist to move on? Why is it so hard for them to let the dead rest in peace? This is what we are going to get into today’s article, will be talking about why the Narcissist just cannot let go. Why even after someone dies, they still have to tear them down?

And it is further confirmation that whether dead or alive the Narcissist has no respect for anyone. In this topic, we answered the question of whether or not the Narcissist will ever stop seeking revenge. And the simple answer is no. Narcissists never have enough of seeing you broken, hurt, distraught, etc.

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