What will narcissists do when Realizes That They Lost YOU?


Discovering what they’ve lost can be a significant turning point for narcissists, so it’s not going to be easy. It’s going to be hard. In these moments, they are forced to confront their shortcomings and the reality of their actions. While the response may vary from one individual to another, common patterns emerge when a narcissist realizes the extent of their loss. Here are 10 things narcissists do when they understand what they have lost:

Number 1: Denial.

Narcissists resort to denial when they realize they lost someone. This is because they can’t accept that someone no longer wants to be in their life. They struggle to acknowledge their faults and shortcomings, preferring to believe they are perfect. They refuse to accept the pain of rejection and convince themselves that they don’t care about that person anyway.

There’s a fear of facing the truth of their inadequacies and would rather live in a world where they are always right and never at fault. Denial helps them protect their fragile self-esteem and maintain their false sense of superiority. Denial allows them to maintain control and avoid feeling vulnerable or weak.

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