Why do Narcissists Refuse to Back Down?


Today’s topic is about the passive-aggressive Nature of Covert Narcissists and how and why they choose to resort to this type of behavior. Passive aggression is something that can be used by anyone. It is not limited to Narcissists. But it is how many Covert Narcissists fight back when they feel under attack or slighted in some way.

They find indirect ways to express their anger or irritation. Passive aggressive behaviors can be manifested in different ways and the Narcissist can use them both inside and outside of their safe zone. But when it comes to dealing with outsiders the passive-aggressive route is usually best as the Narcissist would prefer it if the other person does not suspect their malice but instead views them as harmless.

This is one of the reasons why Covert Narcissists are so dangerous because they hold on to grudges forever while pretending that they don’t. But they are always looking for opportunities to take revenge again and again for any perceived offense. And when someone is as petty and insecure as Narcissists are it is not difficult to offend them.

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