10 Things A Narcissist Wants After A Breakup


The breakup is over, and you are feeling great. You’ve got yourself back, feeling more confident than ever and it’s safe to say that this breakup was precisely what you needed to get your life on track. However, there are things that narcissists tend to do after breaking up with someone. This is because they need attention and validation from somewhere, even if they might get it from their exes.

So, here are 10 things a narcissist wants with you after a breakup.

Number 1: Narcissists want you to be sad and devastated.

They want you to feel like you’ve lost your best friend and everything else. In reality, they don’t care about you at all; they want the attention that comes from being able to manipulate someone who cares about them into feeling so bad.

And they love it when they can make someone else feel worthless, so they will try to make you feel like that after the breakup. They are known for not caring about how their actions affect other people. Still, they do care about how their actions affect them.

Narcissists want to see you in pain because it makes them feel better about themselves. They thrive on making other people feel bad, they’ll settle for your tears if they can’t have your love.

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