3 Things That Can Make Your Silence Powerful


Today’s topic, we are going to be talking about the power of silence and 3 things that make your Silence powerful, because Silence in the right places, around the right people, and with the right attitude can be a very powerful disposition.

Narcissists are known for their Silent treatments which are very manipulative as they are used to punish and hurt others. Whereas silence can be used to protect oneself, so when we use silence against the Narcissist, it is to protect our peace, and our sanity and avoid drama.

The only thing you should want the Narcissist to do is to leave you alone. And that is why silence is one of the most effective methods that can be used to defeat a Narcissist and even uncover future narcissists or other toxic individuals who may not have your best interest at heart.

That is why who you are silent around is important but also your attitude. Silence with positivity or tranquility is what you should be aiming for- Because if you are silent but tense or visibly angry, the Narcissist can and will feed off that negativity. Silence can say so much and being accompanied by a Negative attitude will not benefit your emotional health.

And if it is done around the Narcissist, they will know that they are the cause of your negativity, which means there is still an emotional investment there that they can manipulate. But if you are, what I call, cheerfully silent meaning there is no negativity and you can ignore the Narcissist and not be bothered by their presence or what they say, this is when the Narcissist knows they have lost you.

The peace or joy that you have accompanied by your silence is what will disarm the Narcissist. And there are still more benefits to being silent, which is what I want to get into today.

So, we have 3 more reasons why Silence is the key to protecting you from Narcissists and how it can also help you to detect any new narcissists or toxic individuals who may come along later on.

Number 1: It allows you to read the people that are around you.

When it comes to dealing with a Narcissist, when you are silent, you will realize so much more about them than you would if you actively interact with them. Because when you are communicating with a Narcissist, they can be so animated that you miss some blatant red flags.

And they put you on such an emotional rollercoaster that leaves you drained and out of touch with your intuition. Their fake personality and blabbering are a distraction from sensing the evil that lies beneath.

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So, when you are silent, and not interacting with them, you can observe more and spot any inconsistencies in their personality and just how they relate to different people. This is an important skill to have, especially when you are in a new place or meeting new people, it is always best to observe. Watch and listen.

Do not be quick to credit anyone or get chummy with anyone, let them do the talking. They do tell on themselves you just need to pay attention. And it should take a few rounds of being in this person’s presence before you come to any conclusions, but your first instinct is usually right.

Number 2: It helps you to avoid saying things that can later be used against you.

Narcissists love to provoke people to get them to react. But if you remain silent, they will have nothing to use against you. Not reacting to a Narcissist is torture for them. They want you to acknowledge them, talk to them, laugh with them, and argue with them.

They just want something, but as we always say, give them nothing. Your silence and overall lack of emotional investment will starve the Narcissist out of your life.

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Number 3: It can help you regain control (Become more self-aware)

The final reason why silence is powerful when dealing with Narcissists is that it takes away their control and it puts you in control not just of your environment, but your own emotions. You can be more self-aware of any emotions or feelings that arise when certain people are around.

You get to know yourself and become more in tune with not just what is happening around you but inside you. This is important because it helps you to trust yourself more when you not only observe but also listen to what your body and mind is telling you.

They hate our silence because it takes away their control and it honestly scares them. Because they know what they are up to, when they are carrying out their silent treatment, with all their plotting and scheming to bring us down. But for us, it is not even about that. We are just trying to have some peace.


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And Narcissists will never understand that, because they are all about causing chaos and confusion. They hate it when others are happy and at peace. So, it is up to us to ensure we have peace by taking control of our emotions and going no contact ideally but if not, holding our tongue or being silent around a Narcissist can save us some heartache.

And in doing so, we learn to be more observant of our surroundings and ourselves, thereby developing a sense of control that will eventually eliminate the Narcissist’s control.

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