10 Things That Will Hurt A Narcissist Forever


Narcissists have overly inflated sons of importance and require constant affirmation to maintain their sense of self. They are also susceptible to criticism and reduction from others, resulting in intense feelings of Shame and rage.

When a narcissist is hurt, remember that they cannot handle pain like most people. So, what’s the best way to permanently hurt a narcissist? Today’s topic, we are going to talk about 10 things that will hurt energized forever.

Number 1: When you are happy without them.

They are notoriously self-centered, so it’s no wonder they can’t stand it when you’re happy without them. It hurts their feelings when they see you happy without them; because they think they should be the only one who makes you happy.

Narcissists are constantly looking for attention, they need to hear that their presence is notable and to be validated by others’ admiration of them. Suppose you’re out having a blast or doing something enjoyable with your friends. In that case, The Narcissist will get consumed by jealousy and rage.

They will treat this as a personal attack on their ego and will always find a way to make it all about them. Being happy on your own will have the narcissist question and cause them to spiral into self-destructive behavior or depression.

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Number 2: When you neglect and stop caring about them.

Narcissists won’t take it lightly, they’ll either pretend to forget that you don’t care anymore or they’ll get mad at you for neglecting them. If you’ve ever been with a narcissist, there’s nothing worse than when they realize that you’ve stopped giving them the care and attention that they desperately need.

In addition, they are very sensitive, when they feel neglected; they feel like they have no value. They can feel hurt and abandoned, resulting in severe consequences for you. And they can start feeling like they’re not good enough and have no purpose in life. Narcissists think the world revolves around them, and they feel entitled to everything in it.

Number 3: When you set boundaries.

They don’t like to be told what to do, they’re all about being in control and they love to make other people feel powerless. Setting a boundary from a narcissist is an act of power. They are used to getting what they want that when someone else stands up for themselves, it can feel like an attack on their identity.

When you set boundaries with a narcissist, it can hurt them forever. Setting healthy boundaries is a complicated process, but it’s important to remember that your needs are your top priority.

When setting boundaries for them, they must be aware of how they might respond. They may try to manipulate or guilt-trip you into changing your mind but don’t get caught up in these reactions instead.

Rather than getting defensive or trying to defend yourself against accusations of Abandonment, try focusing on making sure the boundaries are clear and consistent. If they try to manipulate you, their tactics will be easier to spot and resist.

Number 4: When you are at peace without them.

If you want to permanently hurt a narcissist, you must be at peace without them. A narcissist can’t stand the feeling of you being better off without them. This makes them feel like they have lost control over you, which a narcissist cannot tolerate- simply enjoy your life without them.

A narcissist will never understand why you can be happy without them, and they will feel frightened by your happiness and peace. They need you to need them for them to feel like they can function correctly. Their entire world starts crumbling around them if they see that you don’t need them anymore.

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Number 5: When you don’t give them attention anymore.

Narcissists are so used to people giving them attention. That it’s hard for them to imagine a world where they are not the center stage. They crave the spotlight and expect everyone else to be as interested in them as they are in themselves.

It hurts a narcissist when you don’t give them the attention they think- they deserve. They want to feel like they are the most critical person in your life and that you would never do anything without thinking of them first.

The biggest rule of narcissists is that they need constant attention. If you stop giving them this attention, they will lash out at you in ways that can be highly damaging and often unexpected. Narcissists tend to overreact and make situations much worse than they are.

You can’t expect them to be able to just get over the fact that you don’t want to give them attention anymore. It will surely take time for them to recover from this rejection.

Number 6: When you think they don’t even exist.

Narcissists are all about being seen, so they can be a massive blow to their egos if you don’t acknowledge their existence. They want to be recognized as real and vital, not just by you but everyone.

If you ignore a narcissist or treat them like they don’t matter, it will surely drive them crazy. If you’ve ever had a narcissist, you know how they can get distraught over the most minor things.

They tend to be very focused on how other people see them, so if you don’t acknowledge their presence or acknowledge them as a person, it damages their self-esteem in a big way.

They can feel like the world is collapsing around them, making them crumble, not being able to exist in someone’s life can deeply hurt a narcissist. Making it seem that others don’t see their value.

Number 7: When you reject, criticize or make fun or make fun of them.

Narcissists dislike being criticized, rejected, or made fun of. When you do any of these things, you reinforce the idea that you don’t like them. You are also supporting the idea that they’re not good enough.

Reinforcing their self-doubt and making them feel terrible about themselves. This can make narcissists feel hurt and upset for a long time. They may even hold a grudge against you for years.

Narcissistic people need to feel wanted and appreciated by others to feel good about themselves. So, if you reject them or criticize them in any way, they will feel that as a personal attack on their character. They have fragile Egos and are easily hurt by even minor insults.


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Number 8: When you give others the compliment and praise they want.

Narcissists are notorious for being full of themselves, they talk about their accomplishments brag about them, and think everyone else is jealous of them. They are also known for being envious of Petty regarding other people’s achievements.

Narcissists may act happy for someone when they get a promotion or win an award. This will not be for long; narcissists will soon undermine their success and make them feel less than themselves.

If you want to get under their skin and hurt them forever, give other people praise and compliments that narcissists think they deserve. If you see someone else doing something amazing or accomplishing something great, let them know how impressed you are by telling them directly.

Number 9: When you correct them or call out for their actions.

It goes against everything they believe about themselves- that they can do no wrong and that everyone else is wrong. A narcissist will never forget an insult or a failure, so you mustn’t correct them or call them out for their actions.

They will hold the greatest forever, and they aren’t afraid of revenge, they thrive on it. Narcissists may try to make you feel guilty for upsetting them or tell you that you are the one who is insecure and needs to take a look at yourself.

They may respond with anger or rage or try to turn the tables on you by making you feel guilty for making them feel bad about themselves. When you correct or call them out, you make it clear that they have made a mistake which, narcissists hate to hear.

Number 10: When you see them as they are.

Narcissists will do everything to keep people from seeing their true colors, but it hurts them when someone doesn’t fall for it. It makes them feel vulnerable and exposed, which narcissists do everything they can to avoid.

They are convinced they are the best and will do anything to ensure everyone else sees them that way. No matter how much time passes, they never forget when someone sees them for what they are.

Narcissists can be charming; when you look past the mask and see their true colors, you will suddenly realize that everything about them is fake. They have a hard time seeing themselves as they are, they need to see themselves as better than everyone else, so they’ve built up a false image of who they are and their life.

Remember, hurting a narcissist is not tricky, what is difficult, however, is making them repeatedly feel the hurt they cost you. What hurts a narcissist forever are words that wound their ego, and call their image into question, and just as anything that makes them feel less than perfect.

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