7 Things That Will Happen During Narcissistic Rage


When a narcissist’s real identity is revealed, it is perceived as a life-threatening event that damages their self-esteem and self-worth. This will cause feelings of inadequacy, shame, and vulnerability. It deflates their sense of grandeur entitlement and superiority.

When this occurs, narcissists frequently display various emotions and behaviors. One of the most noticeable emotions that they project is narcissistic rage. Before understanding what happens during a narcissistic rage, how do you determine a narcissistic rage from normal anger? What is normal anger? What is the narcissistic rage?

Anger can be managed, suppressed, or tempered in typical situations. On the other hand, rage is an uncontrollable intense emotion that takes over an individual. Rage has a fundamental, almost uncontrollable element to it that anger lacks. What does narcissistic rage look like?

Like a spoiled brat who throws a tantrum when they aren’t catered to. Narcissist tries to compel their targets into giving in by using their rage. Imagine someone close to you constantly yelling and screaming at you, throwing things at you, calling you names, threatening you, and even assaulting you.

A narcissistic rage doesn’t stop, it can last for days or weeks, and then they go days without apologizing. What causes narcissistic rage?

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