How Narcissists Function Without Remorse The Toxic Logic Of The Narcissist


Narcissists have a lot of negative energy inside, and it is because they entertain the emotions of envy, fear, and hate which affect how they treat others. But aside from their emotions let’s look at their logic. Logic is basically defined as a particular way of thinking, especially one that is reasonable and based on good judgment.

But the logic of Narcissists is flawed as it is affected by the negative emotions that consume them and that is why I refer to their way of thinking and assessing situations and people as toxic logic.

As a result of the Narcissist’s Toxic Logic, lots of normal, healthy, empathetic people are left confused by the Narcissist’s actions. It’s like; where do you start trying to figure out why they did certain things? But it all comes down to the fact that we are wired differently, we think differently, and Narcissists are in a whole park by themselves. It’s crazy how they think. It’s crazy what behaviors they deem acceptable.

And it’s crazy how they go about accomplishing things. Their logic is crazy and toxic. But above all, it is toxic to us. It hurts us and damages us in more ways than one. So, today’s topic I will be providing some insight into the Narcissist’s toxic logic and the best way to deal with it.

So, the aim of today’s article is to address the toxic logic of the Narcissist- Because it all begins in the mind. They are paranoid, and they go through life already thinking that everyone is against them. Everyone is competitive. Everyone is a threat; unless they are able to subdue them.

That is why control is paramount to the Narcissist. When they are able to control someone that is threat eliminated. And the way Narcissists get to control is a result of their toxic logic. They honestly believe that manipulating our emotions and breaking us down mentally, is the best course of action.

They strongly believe that deception is the key to success and that the end always justifies the means. Therefore, they have no remorse. They have double standards and they do not recognize boundaries. They do not care about your boundaries. In their minds, everything goes whether you like it or not.

They think it necessary to lie repeatedly and that others are only there to be used and abused. Also, they believe they have the right to do what they want when they want, and no one should challenge them or criticize them. They believe they have the right to punish anyone who offends them or disobeys them.

If you do what the Narcissist wants, you are good. If you don’t do what they want, you are bad. It is that simple in the Narcissist’s mind. There are no grey areas. Everything is black and white. So, if you cannot submit and obey or do what they ask of you all the time, you are at risk of offending them; and it doesn’t matter if you did 99%.

That one time of disappointing them, disobeying them, challenging them, or criticizing them is one too many and you instantly become a target for their destruction. And even when you haven’t done anything but exist the Narcissist will still smear you or try to hurt you.

And this is how Narcissists think about anyone who crosses them. It doesn’t matter if you are the Narcissist’s parent, child, partner, friend, or co-worker. They view everyone the same. They employ these toxic ways of thinking while claiming to have meaningful relationships.

Narcissists are brilliant actors; once upon a time, they did a brilliant job of being attentive, loving, and considerate. So, when they start devaluing you it creates anxiety and confusion. And in the toxic mind of the Narcissist, their aim is to cause confusion. That is how Narcissists achieve optimum control.

Therefore, creating confusion is a necessity for the Narcissist. They want us to be perplexed by their behavior. So, they do things and say things that leave us wondering what, why, and how. They want to have us questioning: Why did the Narcissist do this? What has affected their mood? Why do they have an attitude? Why are they so mad over nothing? What have I done wrong?

Their victims end up enduring their mood swings and temper tantrums without an apology. And even if they do apologize it is never genuine. Narcissists think playing mind games and keeping people on an emotional rollercoaster is how they can effectively control others while protecting their egos.

This is why co-existing with them is stressful and damaging to our physical and mental health. The Narcissist’s behaviors are a result of their toxic logic. And they are meant to hurt us, confuse us, and stress us out. But having this basic understanding that the Narcissist’s mind is very different from a healthy, normal, empathetic being, there is no longer a need to be confused.

We simply do not see the world and people the way Narcissists do. Therefore, the best way to deal with this is to accept that the Narcissist’s way of thinking is all about self-preservation for them and destruction for others.

At the end of the day, we don’t need to analyze or understand their every move. Just know that in their minds the end always justifies the means. They will do what they can to stay on top and in control. How you feel or how you end up at the end of it is of no concern to them.

Once we accept that, only then can we appreciate the importance of keeping our distance and not allowing them into our lives. No matter who the Narcissist is you can create distance between the both of you to minimize their toxic influence.

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