The Narcissist Is Fighting For Your Mind


Today’s topic is something all narcissists, victims, and survivors have had to deal with because narcissist not only projects their mental instability onto us but literally try to drive us crazy. Psychological games can really affect our mental state of mind, and everything begins in the mind with a single thought.

And that is why gaslighting is so dangerous because it is so insidious if you don’t know what it is, which many of us didn’t when we were going through it. The narcissist can break you without even laying a finger on you.

Gaslighting: is all about sowing seeds of doubt to make someone question their memory, ability, perception, and judgment.

Someone questions their memory, ability, perception, and judgment. Narcissist knows if they can weaken us mentally, then they can control us and destroy us more effectively. The narcissist lives to manipulate, control, and abuse.

Gaslighting is something they do without even trying or thinking about it. I say this because narcissists enjoy plotting and scheming, and a lot of the things they do are premeditated. But then there are those things that the narcissist performs almost robotically, like lying.

The narcissist doesn’t even consider telling the truth. Why do that when they can use their imagination and say something more interesting, fanciful, and as far from the truth as possible?

The narcissist wants to turn you against yourself, not trust your instincts, perceptions, or judgments. That is why recognizing that you are in psychological warfare is very important. It’s a battle for your mind and for your sanity. The narcissist is strategic and committed to the cause, so we need to be prepared. So let me just give you a taster of what this gaslighting is like.

A narcissist will look to blame you for all of your problems, and then when you point out something they’ve done to hurt you, their response will be something along the lines such as “You are too sensitive.”

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Trying to show a narcissist their faults means that you are negative and don’t write crazy as you are imagining things and pulling problems out of thin air, or that you are misunderstanding them and are ungrateful and miserable.

And the narcissist spits out these insults with such fierceness and with such a matter-of-fact attitude that the hearers are not only convinced but silenced because the narcissist has flipped the script by turning it on you. They’ve done wrong, they have hurt you, but you are too sensitive, you are taking things too personally, you are crazy, you are being disrespectful.

That tactic stops us in our tracks and makes us, as good people, stop and think to see if what the narcissist is saying is true. And we begin to doubt ourselves and question if we are indeed too sensitive and if we are acting crazy and unreasonable.

But guess what? These are the psychological games that narcissist plays at our expense for their entertainment. The narcissist would make you start questioning not just reality but your worth as an individual, while they keep stringing us along with false promises, and future faking to make us think that there is hope when there isn’t. The many broken promises and disappointments all contribute to our mental demise.

Narcissists cannot help themselves. They will gaslight you, and that is why sticking around, listening to their lies, watching them perform, and being seduced by their charm is not worth it because they are slowly destroying you from within.

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The psychological warfare is deliberate, and the aim is to break you down and make you feel weak, worthless, confused, depressed, and even suicidal.

This is why I say narcissists are evil. Narcissists are dangerous. They love to destabilize, confuse, and belittle people. Making someone question or doubt themselves is only the start, as it’s a slippery slope to developing low self-esteem, low self-worth, depression, and even insanity. Narcissists work hard to trap us in relationships with them, but they also work hard to destroy us.

They don’t want others to be happy, confident, and just loving life. No, instead, they want to see us broken, shaken, and only a shadow of who we really are. And gaslighting is one of the ways that they achieve this. Gaslighting is no game, and it ain’t no fun being the victim of it all.

Narcissists are evil, selfish predators who want to project all their evil and craziness onto the innocent, while at the same time trying to drive them insane by robbing them of their individuality, their confidence, and independence so that they can lose credibility.

It’s a cruel and twisted game that narcissists play in order to destroy and control people while all the while pretending to be the good, level-headed person who is the victim of someone who is mentally and emotionally unstable.


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The narcissist is the one with the mental issues. They are the crazy lunatics roaming our societies, pretending to be good, responsible people.

Do not let a narcissist trick you into thinking that you are the narcissist and that you are the one with the problems. We need to remember that they are master manipulators, and they are just projecting their issues onto you.

When you are with a narcissist, they are the biggest problem in your life that needs to be eliminated because your peace and sanity are at stake, and no one, no matter who that narcissist is, should be given the opportunity to mess with you like this.

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