When The Narcissist Gets To Boss You Around


Narcissists have a constant need to be in charge. It is in line with their need for control. Therefore, Narcissists can be quite bossy. But it can vary depending on where or with whom they are granted the opportunity.

Their bossiness can spread through all areas of their life but in most cases, the Narcissist would have at least one place or one person who they can truly dominate. So, whether it is in the workplace, the home, church, or any other social organization, once given the opportunity they will push the boat out as far as they can.

So, today’s topic is all about how bossy Narcissists can be and it is a result of their desperate need for control. We will discover that their bossiness can go beyond interpersonal relationships.

Number 1: Narcissists in the Workplace.

So, it is very common for them to seek out such positions of influence and control. And their lack of empathy or lack of emotional intelligence makes them very cruel and selfish leaders. They would delegate all their work if they could as they believe others exist to serve them.

Narcissists believe in doing as little as they possibly can but still receive the praise and respect of someone who really put in their all. They have no issues taking credit for things others have done.

They have no issues pretending as though they are the clever or resourceful ones even though they may have cheated and lied their way to the top. All that matters is that they reap the rewards and that they have the control they desire.

Number 2: Narcissists with Family & Friends.

But when it comes to their personal lives their persistent need for control can be hidden from the rest of the world. That is why some Narcissists are able to appear meek and mild in public but in private or with those closest to them they are merciless dictators.

They would boss around their partners, children, friends, and parents. Some Narcissists get children just to be able to have that supreme authority over someone else’s life. And that is why even when their children are fully grown, they are never able to respect them or let them be their own person.

Narcissistic parents, especially mothers want to remain in charge. They believe their control should extend to the grave. They strongly believe that these children they have brought forth into this world are theirs to take out if necessary. When it comes to people in their lives the Narcissist feels entitled to their life and time.

They think they know best when it comes to what you should be doing and who you should be doing it with if anything at all. But Narcissists truly feel that your time is best spent doing things for them. Narcissists want you to spend your life and your time according to their demands.

But time is a precious commodity that cannot be wasted on Narcissists who do not even appreciate you or your time; it’s something you cannot get back. But the Narcissist will happily deceive you and keep you trapped in their twisted reality, future-faking and manipulating you every step of the way.

Many of us have given years even decades of our time to these selfish, abusive individuals who never really cared about us. And that is why it is important that as soon as you realize you are dealing with a Narcissist you need to sever any emotional ties and set some strong boundaries in place starting with your time.

Cut back on doing things for them and spending time with them because in the end it will be wasted time that you will not get back. But also, unfortunately, their bossy nature is not limited to people.

Number 3: Narcissists and Pets.

Some Narcissists get pets so that they can boss them around. They would claim to be pet lovers. They would even use their pets as a tool to draw people to them, but Narcissists only care about what these animals can do for them. And if it is just the fact that it gives them something to control that will do.


The Narcissist’s bossy nature is something that eventually rears its ugly head in every relationship. And they love it when they can convince others that they are indeed worthy or fitting to be the one in control.

Therefore, once you realize you are dealing with a Narcissist something needs to change. If it’s in the workplace it can mean keeping your head down, moving departments, or changing jobs together in order to escape a Narcissistic boss.

In personal relationships, it can mean walking away or minimizing contact with such individuals, but it is best not to remain under someone whose main goal in life is to subdue as many people as possible. It is not healthy to be in a relationship with a dictator who cares nothing for your well-being.

Narcissists need to first try and control their own behaviors and cruel desires but instead, they prefer to look without and try to control everything and everyone around them.

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